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Re: Isabel and lower left back pain

Originally Posted by Cullen Danner View Post

This sounds exactly like my issue! And puts a name to it as well...I knew it wasn't a strain since after having a good massage it felt MUCH better, but wasn't sure how else to describe it. It truly is a stabbing pain along with severe tightness, but was fairly easily worked out with a good massage. And, as with you, it wasn't until much later in the day that the pain set in. Like you mentioned, if I'd sort of cut it off at the pass that afternoon I think I could have avoided much of the agony. Ultimately though, prevention is definitely the key.

This mobility kit looks awesome. I just recently opened my eyes to the absolute necessity of mobility exercises and could use some basic equipment. It not only seems necessary to avoid injuries, but also to make gains and continue progressing. I finally realized that it's not only strength limitations that hold me back from new pr's, but a lack of mobility.

Thanks also for the exercise suggestions, this was a very helpful response!
Glad to be of help. Good luck with your training!
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