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Re: Isabel and lower left back pain

Originally Posted by Cullen Danner View Post
My pain gets worse at night too after lying still in bed, but it is relieving itself as the days go by. I have been to a doctor before and he was sure it was only muscular, some sort of strain, and not related to my spine. I'm hoping this was just another of the same sort of isolated strains..which makes me wonder why that part of my body is susceptible, although part of me thinks because I favor my right side so much it simply doesn't do the same workload over time. Anyway, thanks for the response Aaron.
Sounds like a spasm of erector muscles that sit right next to the lower lumbar area.

I had this problem playing sports throughout highschool and it feels like someone stabbing me in the lower back in the muscle.

I still have the problem these days but i catch it before it can go into full spasm(usually).
If i feel a little tweak i make a point to address it immediatly before im in for at least a day of pain.

just last week i did a WOD with 50 power cleans @135. Felt good that day but as the soreness in my lower back (normal soreness associated with lifting) subsided within the next few days i felt that pinch and didnt address it in time and by the next night it was in full spasm and locked up, feeling almost like a pulled muscle. I also have this problem in my Rhomboid and lower trapezius while doing heavy strict press if i do not loosen those up properly.
If these sound like the symptoms that you are having then i recommend geting a good roller, lacrosse ball, and having someone massage heavy on the affected area. A heating pad will be your best friend at night.

I recommend A mobility kit. It has everything you need to addressthese issues you are having.
Check this kit out
Made for CrossFitters by a CrossFitter.

Try these stretches:
Lie on your back and bring one knee you your chest and hold till you feel a good stretch of the problem muscle. It doesnt feel good. Alternate as necessary.

On your knees, then sit down into a crouching position and reach forward to feel the stretch. This is called a Child's pose stretch.

Lie on your back, knees bent, and act as if your "humping the air". Do desired reps. this will help strenghten your lower back for the future.

Prevention is key. Hope this helps
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