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Re: Isabel and lower left back pain

Hmmmm. Hard to say. If you've had injuries in the area in the past you may want to seriously consider a professional eval, bite the bullet and really try to figure out what the problem is so you can learn effective ways to be safer in the future. A lot of people injure themselves on lower weight bc of the exact mentality you describe. Losing focus on form with ligther loads. I think this is what did it for me.

For what it's worth, I herniated a disc (L4-L5) during low wt dead lifts. It bulges to the left. So, my pain is in my left lower back. It gets worse at night after lying still. It's better during the day when i move around. I also had sciatica (nerve pain down the leg). This is a very common injury. You can herniate a disc bending over to pick up a pencil.
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