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Isabel and lower left back pain

I did Isabel on Monday @ 95 lbs in roughly 3:40. I haven't had any coaching on the snatch so I know my form leaves a lot to be desired, but I thought at 95 lbs how much damage could I do? (a lot is the answer). I usually wod early in the morning, and throughout my work day I actually had zero pain, even going into the night I had nothing. Felt good, then ended up getting, errr, frisky with my wife...a few hours into sleep that night and I awoke feeling a very sharp, semi-excruciating pain in my lower left back. I've had pain here in the past from other athletic injuries, but never close to this intense. I know without posting a video it's hard to diagnose what I really did wrong, but has anyone else experienced this type of injury specifically due to snatching? If so, do you know what you did to induce the injury? Next time, I'm going with the broom handle...
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