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Re: Hunter Blackmore's CFCC / Imperial Log

Went into CFCC at 7 this morning. Was surprisingly un-sore considering I completed Kalsu 11 hours previously.

First up was dead lifts. No repping the set out, each rep started "dead" on the ground. Warmed up at 135 then-

Could've done more but was a little slow (as usual) and Erin is worried (probably rightfully so) about my me over-taxing my nervous system the last week.

Met-con was not my favorite. 8 min AMRAP of 20 double-unders and 10 jumping lunges. The jumping lunges aren't bad. But I suck at doubles, couldn't get more than 3 in a row. I didn't used to be this bad. Rope rage was induced. Probably got 4-5 rounds. Lost count in my frustration.

After the met-con went right into seated 30" box jumps
5x20# med ball
5x16kg KB
5x 20# DB in each hand
5x ""

Decided to call it a day there. Erin was telling me to leave and I have finals to study for.

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