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Hunter Blackmore
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Re: Hunter Blackmore's CFCC / Imperial Log

Today was CrossFit Football's Hero WOD Kalsu (100 thrusters @ 135# w/ 5 burpees on the minute, every minute) at CFCC. Had never done it before, but knew the hype.

Started off pacing myself (I never pace, but figured if I wanted to live I had to) with 5 thrusters per minute. The rest quickly shrunk. Made it to 50 thrusters doing the 5 rep scheme, then dropped to a round of 3, then did a round of 2. Panicked a little bit at that point as I was only just a little bit over half-way. After that, it was mostly rounds of 3 with a couple 4s and few 2s mixed in and 5 in my last round. Finished it Rx in 25:54.

Rested a little bit after that, discussed with others how terrible it was.

After I started feeling a little better, did some grip work. Looped a heavy band attached to a 24kg KB around a BB and twisted it up and slowly back down for about 5 sets each way.

Then did a few short farmer's walks w/ a 32kg KB in each hand (3x120ft) and then finished with 3x40 second holds.

Did a few quick sets of ring pull-ups just to loosen up - 2x5

Did some quick ab work and once again finished with CFTG.

Looking forward to deadlift tomorrow.
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