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Hunter Blackmore
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Re: Hunter Blackmore's CFCC / Imperial Log

So, first actual log post... Here we go

Worked up to a 3-rep max weighted pull-up.
Stopped at 75. I'm a slow mover on lifts, not a real explosive. So wanted to work on that.

Went on to the met-con which was "Angie" - 15:07.

First time I've done Angie. Lungs felt fine during it, was never winded. Just a lot of muscle fatigue. Would have probably have taken be 16 min as I was taking my time on the squats but then I thought Matt was going to catch me so had to pick up my pace.

That was the end of the work that was scheduled for the day. I hung around and did some extra work in the back of the box during the next class.

Single-arm KB OH Press

4x5 each arm @ 24kg

super-setted that with band-pull-aparts

4x20 w/ 2 mini bands

Then shrugs

4x20 w/ 36kg KB in each hand

After that did farmer's walks

2x280 ft w/ 36kg KB in each hand
2x140 ft ""

Then did HSPU

Finished with some curls for the girls.

Good day. Rather be at the box then studying for finals.
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