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Hunter Blackmore
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Smile Hunter Blackmore's CFCC / Imperial Log

Hello everyone,

Quick intro, my name is Hunter Blackmore, 20 years old and currently a junior at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, originally from Covington, Washington. I have been CrossFitting since June after a long youth and high school athletic career and a short collegiate one. I was recruited to play offensive line for Penn, however after an injury (potential brain stem, neck, nerve issue) and losing my passion for the game, I decided to quit after my freshman year.

When I came to college I was 6'2" 275 lbs. When I quit playing, I basically stopped eating and lifting and quickly dropped to a soft 194 at my low a little over a year ago. I am currently ~205 and happy with that.

Here is Philly, I workout out at CrossFit Center City and at home in Washington state I workout at Imperial CrossFit in Kent, WA.

Been eating pretty strict paleo since June with only the occasional cheat meal (~1 a week). Two days ago I decided to try out Mark Sisson's "primal" approach so I've introduced some full-fat greek yogurt and grass-fed butter and we'll see how that goes.

I decided to start keeping a workout log on here at the suggestion of my great coach at CFCC Erin Davidson. So here it is.

Although this log is new, I have kept track of my workouts other ways since I started CrossFit. Here are my PRs in different WODs, lifts, and runs:

Filthy 50 18:04 (8/30/11)

Fran 2:49 (10/11/11), 3:22 (8/24/11)
Diane 5:05 (11/30/11)
Angie 15:07 (12/13/11)
Helen 8:46 (10/12/11)
Grace 2:16 (10/31/11), 2:27 (8/31/11), 3:06 (8/25/11)
Cindy 23 (8/23/11)
Elizabeth 7:04 (8/25/11)
Lynne (@210#) 16/40, 10/30, 8/23, 8/20, 5/20 = 280 (10/8/11)

Bradley 21:24 (9/3/11)
Murph 42:26 (9/1/2011)
Nutts 23:21 (12/1/2011)


Push Press 215 (11/13/11), 205 (7/21/11)
Squat Clean 265 (10/6/11)
Power Clean 265 (10/31/11)
Bench Press 315 (7/20/11)
Front Squat 310 (11/2/11), 305 (10/26/11), 290 (10/19/11), 270 (6/1/11)
Back Squat
Clean & Jerk
Snatch 165 (12/10/11)
Deadlift 500 (7/15/11)


1 mile 6:51 (11/20/11)

Not complete by any means and I'd like to think I could get a better time/weight on any of them tomorrow. Or at least that's what I strive for.

Thanks for reading.

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