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Justin Swalberg
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Hi everyone,

As you may recall, Glenn Pendlay replaced my Crossfit Bar with a Pendlay Economy Bar due to a rare rust issue. I just received the Economy bar, and I'm just shocked at it's quality. I feel like a little kid at Christmas time: I'm just so excited that I have to tell someone!

The crossfit bar is a great bar at a great price. It's got sufficient spin, a semi-rough knurling that is a good mix for use between powerlifting and olympic lifting, and a good overall feel. It's well built and is a very great product. It's been a great bar during the few weeks I've used it.

But when I picked up the Economy bar, the crossfit bar all of a sudden felt inferior. It's not that the crossfit bar is bad, because it really is an awesome bar; it's just that the Economy bar is SO good. The feel of the bar just gives you the impression that you are lifting something of very high quality, if you know what I mean. The knurling is a little more smooth than the crossfit bar and has a nicer feel to it. I know Glenn says it's not, but the Economy bar to me feels ever so slightly skinnier too. I think it may be that the oxide coating on the Economy bar is of a higher quality or applied better, because the grip just feels so nice, which may be what gives me the impression that I can grip the Economy bar better.

The bushings on the Economy bar are definitely nicer than the crossfit bar. The sleeves wiggle more on the crossfit bar than on the Economy bar, which gives the Economy bar a "tighter," more secure feeling. The sleeves spin better as well.

The Economy bar has chromed sleeves, which means there is no rust on them, if that matters to any of you. It definitely gives the bar a very polished look.

I don't know exactly why, but for some reason I can perform my lifts better on the Economy bar. My cleans and snatches feel so much more natural. It's hard to describe. With both bars, I'm lifting 45 pounds. But with the Economy bar, 45 pounds feels lighter.

The word "Economy" in the bar's name is a misnomer; this bar is absolutely incredible. I think it should be called the Pendlay Bar, with the current Pendlay bar being called the Pendlay Elite or something like that. I can't imagine how nice the top-of-the-line Pendlay Bar is after having tried the "economy" version. I highly recommend that anyone in the market for a new bar purchase the Pendlay Economy bar.

Bottom line: the new Pendlay Economy Bar is a real master piece. Priced to sell to the multitudes, Glenn has created a show-stopper not only for the Crossfit crowd, but for anyone that uses a barbell to lift weights.
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