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Craig Van De Walker
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The long and short is that you need to increase strength on all of your lower body lifts
I am not even sure I would really worry about the ratio of your strength at this point. The big point you made is that you have never done this kind of work before. The great thing about that is that in two years you will literally be a new man. If you were front squatting 225 and back squating 115 I would be all over addressing the imbalance but with the numbers you are puting up compared to your BW there is probably a huge comfort/coordination issue that needs be corrected.

It will be corrected if you put in 50-100 lower body weight sessions. Be patient and "show up" to do your workouts. I am not implying you won't just saying you need to get some experience lifting.

You may want to look up ME black box workouts on the message board.

Good luck, and hang in there. Craig
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