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Thanks for the responses.

Lincoln, I've been using a 12" block to mark my bottom for overhead, back, and front squats. Perception wise, even though I'm going to the same depth, the back squats feel like they are much deeper to me. Based on some of your posts (and others) that I've read on squat form I've been focusing on pushing through my heels and making sure I track my knees over my feet. I don't think I'm coming up on my toes during the back squat, but I'll watch out for that next time.

Jeremiah, I think I definitely exhibit what coach refers to as an immature squat. I know that I feel VERY bent over when doing the back squat and I don't feel that way doing the front squat. When I failed on the last rep of the 7x3 FS WOD, it was because I couldn't get out of the hole, not falling forward.

Jerry, I'll work on getting a video of both and posting them. I've got the same experience with the other lifts that I do with squats. That is to say only what I've done during CF. Below are my max's (or close to them):

OHS = 55# for 3 reps (same 12" depth)
Deadlift = 215# 1RM (but I think now that I've got the groove on this lift I can go heavier)
Push Jerk = 155# 1RM
Snatch = Not sure, but I did Isabel with only the 45# bar because I was trying to get to full squat depth.
Clean/C&J = Again, not sure, but I did Grace with 115# a few weeks ago.

I was assuming that my posterior chain is weak, but I was thinking that weakness would exhibit itself in both types of the squat. I hadn't thought of the front squat being more quad dominant, but that would definitely go aways toward explaining the difference.
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