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RIP M-1 Global

M-1 had a great run protecting Fedor from any real competition over the last 5 years. The last meaningful competitive fight I can remember was against Cro Cop in 2005. They would never allow him to come over to fight any of the UFC's big heavyweights, not that Fedor seemed to want too. Thanks to Dan Henderson for finally shutting up all the Fedor fan boys out there... Fedor can be beat, definitely didn't deserve a #1 P4P ranking, but was the best heavyweight Japan ever had to offer, however in America.. well when he was supposedly was in his prime he wouldn't fight Randy, Brock, Mir, or the up and commers like Velasquez or Dos Santos. The UFC offered Fedor a title fight with Brock without ever having even fought in the UFC before and he turned it down. Anderson Silva would fight Brock Lesnar just for the hell of it! He is a real champion.

Matt Hughes, great champion, beat lots of guys, was the ruler of an era, didn't hide behind a promotion to prolong the mystique of being the best fighter in the world. GSP beat him, the world moved on, he is still respected and can still beat guys. M-1, book another fight with Hong Man Choi or Zuluzinho...
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