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Re: Fish Oil (Omapure + misc questions)

Originally Posted by Brian D Williams View Post
Maybe I'm missing something but 1 bottle of Omapure is ~$30+shipping. The two links you added are $30 and $25 + ship, and while both of these are 240 capsules compared to the 120 in Omapure, there's still less Fish Oil concentrate if you took 2 pills vs. the 1 Omapure. So seems like you get more for less with Omapure when you do a comparison of the actual Fish Oil / EPA/DHA.

I'm curious why you wouldn't worry about IFOS? (I certainly worry about putting PCBs, etc. into my body.)

Check the math, the Omapure is a little under 600mg EPA/DHA per capsule (2390 per serving divided by 4 capsules per serving. The Natural Factors iand Jarrows are 600mg, pretty much a wash.

As for the IFOS, that is something the companies pay to say they are certified, not an industry standard. Stuff that I've read is you don't have to worry about PCB/heavy metals such as mercury from the fish oil, it isn't there (according to my listening of Robb Wolf).
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