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Re: white bread vs wheat bread

Originally Posted by Chris Sinagoga View Post
thanks for the responses guys. i try to zone principles with 5 block meals and two block snacks. except for breakfast, i usually never get anything exact. when i get Subway, i usually do grilled chicken sub on wheat with everything and ranch dressing. normally i do try to cut down on my bread intake but Subway is so damn good (and Quizno's too).
Pack your lunch, eating out is bogus unless you're forced too. In that case, have them load up a bag or plate with the "fillings" of the sandwich and eat it with a fork or your fingers. Better yet, carry your lunch in, eat with your friends that order lunch. If asked by staff what you're doing, tell them your allergic to bread.
Saves you money, saves your eating program and overall, makes good sense.
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