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Re: Need help scaling w/o for someone w/pacemaker??

Originally Posted by Brian Bedell View Post
Read the blog, amazing. However, and please don't take this the wrong way, but a bunch of great people, and amazing circumstaces saved this girls life and now you are asking a bunch of people on the internet what her workout should be?? Dude, she has a pacemaker, ask her cardiologist what she can and can't do.

You advised her to go until she almost blacked out? I'm dumbfounded.

But you seem like a decent kid, and she seems like a real sweetheard, so please ask her freakin' doctor.
actually the cardiologist can refer her to a cardiac exercise specialist or exercise physiologist that will structure her something that is more suited.

if you dont understand her problem which is evident by your "So i told her go as hard as she could until she felt that it was getting close to that, then shut it down, breathe deep and steady to lower your HR, then go again." recommendation which could dislodge the pacer wire from the heart tissue and that results is a false reading and could kill her!! I suspect that is not your intention.Your out of your league here, time to recommend her to go to her cardiologist.
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