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Re: Paleo prevents Western Diseases?

Originally Posted by Phillip Garrison View Post
It's because on a hypocaloric diet that isn't healthy your body will first lose muscle mass, then fat, but if you look at victims of starvation (holocaust, pow camps, etc) eventually you'll lose fat and muscle if you're on a hypocaloric diet long enough.

Of course I hypocaloric diet will lead to both muscle and fat loss but your body will compensate also by expanding less energy aswell, to try and balance it.

I was not talking about semi-starvation (which has shown to induce no long term weight-loss) or a complete starvation such as the holocaust. I was only trying to explain the metabolic outcome of a diet high in carbohydrates (especially the refined kinds in todays standard diet) on the mobilization or accumulation of adipose tissue. There seems to be many factors associated with the "western diseases" (more than just nutrition) but it cannot be argued that wherever the typical western diet goes the metabolic syndrome and all diseases associated (CVD,cancer, dementia etc) will follow. Until someone shows me supporting evidence that a paleolithic diet promotes western disease then it would be safe to say it prevents them.
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