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Bobbi Beglau Salvini
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I very much appreciated the information posted on the site regarding progress vs soreness. I am trying to step up my efforts, and find that when I am putting in an appropriate amount of effort, with resulting sore muscles (not overly sore), I toss and turn at night and keep my sweet husband awake. The next day, we both feel sleep deprived.

Is there any info. regarding taking say Ibuprofen when working out, and what effects it has on building muscle? I am not intending on taking large doses, but this would then be a regular routine. I know the side effects of stomach bleeding, if you take these drugs in large does, or if you happen to be one of the 4% of the population that are sensitive to these drugs and have problems with bleeding. Also I am aware of overdoses and the risk or kidney problems, but taking these only at night I think should not put me in this category.

I can deal with the sore muscles, but the sleep deprivation is the pits.
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