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Re: Crossfit is the best program for Bodybuilding

Originally Posted by Derek Maffett View Post
Coach said "mass," not "how ripped you look." He must be referring to split routines because there is no way on this planet that Coach puts CF above SS here.
As a newcomer to CF, never having heard of CF or SS before, I'm sure exactly zero readers would make that assumption...

That would be either very ignorant or very much in need of a great deal of explanation. If this was an ignorant statement Coach made in the long ago past, then I'm sure he would be in a hurry to correct the FAQ.
Yeah, I'd have thought so too.

Seeing that he has not done so, I'd say that he was talking about what most people consider bodybuilding to be - split routines.
This begs the question.

Why wouldn't he just say "split routines" and not "bodybuilding?" A credible FAQ should answer the question, not leave it to the reader to make assumptions and fill in the blanks.

It also confounds me that "Crossfit specializes in not specializing" and then purports itself to be more specialized in bb than actually bb.

If long time cf'ers can't even agree on this, what will a newcomer think?

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