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Eric Moffit
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in addition to what has already been stated...

the one thing i notice about the events is that they all consist of relatively low weights and high reps. therefore, your goal should be the ability to do each exercise straight through no breaks. rather than doing high weight/low rep workouts, focus on staying around the prescribed weight and reps. youll probably want to train a little above and below the weights and reps, which will be inversely related. for example, with the shoulder press, in addition to doing it as specified, you might want to try 30kg for near max reps as well as a weight you can handle for 50 reps (i would try to avoid going all the way to failure). this kind of specificity of training would be considered a taper in the swimming game (my sport), where you focus on a specific event when a big meet comes up.

and i would definitely spend time doing the event as prescribed. this is key to getting used to the transitions, metabolic demands, effect of fatigue on later events, pacing, etc etc etc. the general rule being: if you know what event youre going to be competing in, GET SPECIFIC!!
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