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Re: International Medieval Combat Federation

Based on the rules definition for "killed", it really seems like a team that's skilled in Judo and has some fellas with Football (American) or Rugby experience would be at a huge advantage.

I've done a bit of 'free-spar' broadsword play during my 'renfest phase', and spent a few years getting whacked with a bokken in Aikido, plus done some bladed weapon and striking weapon modern CQB training. The videos are probably true to form for the era, but man, those guys need to elevate their game. Watching the videos, it really seems like MMA at UFC 1 - the technical evolution of this sport, if it survives that long, will make these early days look like a joke. Just watching the videos, I know I'd want a mace or maul, then go in with the strategy to use momentum on a first rush (football), use the weapon as defense to get in close, then harai goshi and osoto gari all over the place to finish the game close fighting. Bladed weapons seem like more of a novelty, since they can't be sharp, so the momentum of a striking weapon in defense and inflicting damage at range, then playing the rulebook in close sure seems like it'd be the place to play.
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