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Re: Fair male vs female fight?

Originally Posted by David Meverden View Post
OK, OK, Rousey might not be able to handle the deeper talent pool on the male side in terms of striking.

But what do you guys think of the idea in general of classing by lean bodyweight to level the playing field? Would that level it enough to make some male female matches legit? I guess it might encourage fighters to get fat, but you could probably do something about that too.
well, for the most part, aside from the heavyweight division (and on an individual fighter / weight class basis), fighters are weighing in at lean body weight. what always amazes me are the fighters like BJ Penn and Nate Diaz that fight in multiple weight classes. weight classes are a huge part of the fight game (both in terms of strategy to give the fighter the best advantage and how they need to train and diet for the fight). just speaking out loud...I know you know all this...I just don't know what could be done differently to "level the playing field." it seems like it's all part of the fight game already. fight as light as you can to make you the bigger fighter without cutting too much to jeopardize your performance...idk... with the talent in the UFC, I just don't see there being a fair male / female fight. at least, not in terms of stand-up. unless, like was said above, you're Cris Cyborg...or Falon Fox (the chick that used to be a dude)...lmao

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