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Re: 115# Power Snatch from blocks

Originally Posted by Jeff Enge View Post
Because I see it far too many times turn into a grip and rip, starfish, and/or press-out.

This is just in general, and not an indictment of your technique, which again looks really good, OP. It's just what I've noticed in my short time of experience, and which also might be a symptom of the inexperienced coaching at my affiliate. Which is why I'm going to join an actual weightlifting gym team for 6 months or so.
To me that says more about the lifter than the actual lift itself.

And to Dustin, I'm sure there are other coaches who like the power snatch, that was one opinion. Sure full snatches should be performed, but what if you aren't interested in ever competing in a weightlifting event but still like oly lifting, should you rarely perform the power snatch?
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