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Re: Eating for strength Vs Eating for size

Originally Posted by Ben Croese View Post
Is there a difference between one's calorie needs when eating for strength Vs size?

Ie. if u wanted to maintain weight but get stronger, are u required to create a calorie surplus for contractile hypertophy, or just eat to maintain weight and strength gains will come? I know neuromuscular adaptations increase stength and i assume that doesn't require calories to happen, but does increasing the contrailile proteins?

In a very basic and general sense strength is due to the force production capacity of the contractile myofibrils and the nervous system.

So, to answer part of your question, you can get significantly stronger without adding lean muscle tissue if you train the neural component of strength. You don't need to be in a caloric surplus to do so.

Hypertrophy, does not necessarily require a caloric surplus, but it is very tricky to achieve in anyone but a rote beginner without it. The surplus need not be huge, and frankly, determining what is a surplus is difficult because knowing your true daily caloric expenditure is nigh impossible.

So, what I would recommend is you train specifically for hypertrophy without increasing your caloric intake at first. If you are not overtraining and growth does not occur, then bump your current daily intake by 300 cals and see what happens and so on.
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