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Re: Deload week before or after max/test week?

Originally Posted by Sean Dunston View Post
I'm going with Matt's assumption too. IMHO, if you're doing 5/3/1, the week "1" of is so taxing, if you're trying to establish a true 1RM, then it is definitely after the deload, but you may actually want to take 2 weeks off since your working so hard and so close to your 1RM in your "1" week, and your CNS will be so fried that close to an all out effort.
Your mileage may vary, but it has always proved useful to me in competition settings to have additional CNS rest prior to a max effort.
This actually brings up a good point. There's a difference between trying to go for a competition like PR in which case you take it easy before hand. But from a progression standpoint I did it before the deload to help reduce the chance of overdoing it (not because I thought I was strongest then).

You can also look into the variations of 5/3/1+ singles and 5/3/1 for powerlifting to see how they do it.
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