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Jonathan Plaud
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Hello people, my name is Jonathan and I wanted to introduce myself to the message boards on here ^_^. I started doing my own crossfit workouts after seeing the 'NASTY GIRLS' video. That just gave me a lot of inspiration to go into a more brutal work out.

A reason why I am working out, I also have MS (multiple sclerosis) for the last 5 years and counting. I have had balance problems, and would sometimes get tired from doing a minor job. I remember a few years back they say that exercising helps keep MS down low, so I got myself active. I started with the BOWFLEX (sorry, but it was a start) . I wasn't really into doing free weights until three days ago after visiting the crossfit website. I don't see much results (it's only been three days), but I will not stop what I am doing.

I love doing it, and love the benefits it is giving me.}}
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