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Re: Chasing Excellence- quick question

Can't speak for Matt but I can speak for myself and rowing. I committed to a 1,000,000 meters per year program. Basically 2800 meters per day. I am getting older near 50 and my rowing has gone down hill. When I started xfit 7 years ago I could hold better pace with 22-24 spm and pulling much harder. But now I like to come off the rower fresh so I am 27+ and pulling a bit easier. So doing this has not made me a better rower but it has made me a smarter rower. I believe that all of the rowing will pay off in either getting better or slowing down the cycle of age for the rowing aspect. It has added cardio when I normally would say ok I am good and go home. I struggle with MU and rope climbs. Each Sunday I do them along with rowing. Nothing but working on the form.

Looking forward to see if Castro can find some holes in Matt this year. Hope so dude is just too good.
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