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Chasing Excellence- quick question

I'm about half way through this book so far and really enjoy it. There is one question I have, though, that I have always wondered about. In the book, Bergeron mentions how Mat Fraser wasn't great at rowing, so once home from the games he bought one and rowed 3-5,000m every day. I know rowing and air dyne biking are considered eccentric-less movements so they don't necessarily interfere with recovery, but isn't it also true that doing such things in excess can have a negative effect on performance overall? Is this suggesting it's better to never have a day off? I also noticed he said Fraser would flip the pig for hours every Sunday at night time. Does a point of diminishing returns apply to anyone anymore? Certainly if I just went out to my garage gym and said I want to get better at squats so therefore I'm just going to do 1,000 reps of squats every single day, would NOT make me stronger at squats. I'm all for working very hard, training hard, and frequency in training, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around how this type of stuff applies to most people. If one is willing to put forth similar effort, but their bodies aren't physically capable of doing that much, what is the problem exactly?
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