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Re: Looking for advise

Originally Posted by Julie Koewler View Post
Hi, I am new to the board so forgive me if I placed this topic in the wrong thread. I am looking for someone who does body building competitions. I am thinking about entering one and need some advise. I am wanting to know what what kind of training you do for this? For example, do you just crossfit? Or, do you incorporate other activities into your exercise routine? How many hours do you train? Anything else you can answer for me would be much appreciated... I currently train 4 to 5 days a week, sometimes 6. I have ONLY been doing crossfit...
Traing for bodybuilding and training for CF are VERY different. If you were going into fitness or figure, CF may be a little more relevant, but not with BB.

I would check out a few different forums or even better, the local gyms for events in your area and then go be social and talk to people to make some connections.

BB is very political and you need to be networked with the right people in order to do well competitively.
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