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Well, the mailman screwed up. He had my book here and in spite of my address change, he "Thought" it was a mistake since he knew i moved a while back(how neighborly of him, right? NOT!!!!) He should be fired.

Anyways, since my NHE book got sent back, and will be sent here UPS no extra charge, I have a few more questions.

1. I started the metabolic shift on sunday. Should saturday technically be the "last day", and start getting the 30-60 grams of carbs on sunday, or should sunday be the last day, and getting the 30-60 g of carbs on monday?

2. on the third and seventh day, should I still eat the regular 30-60 grams of carbs, or skip them and just include them in the carb up

3. On the carb load meals, is there a minimum and/or maximum limit, or just eat as many I can until full?

If I have more questions, I'll just add to this post rather than making more. Thanks again!


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