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Re: high intensity vs. low intensity training, continued

For me low intensity training is something I do ALL the time. I walk, I am a furniture mover (mostly boxes, some pianos). I bike. I dance.

High intensity training I do only occasionally.

I like this approach myself. But I also have very little recovery time. I don't lounge, I don't 'chill'. I work all the time. I miss sleep.

I imagine if I lead a life of leisure I would be able to handle more high intensity training, but for now, with my inability to rest whenever I need to, I do really well by just remaining moderately active most of the time.

Someone like a hunter gatherer in a high resource ecosystem could probably handle my level of low intensity (walking, gathering wood, chopping, etc.) AND more bouts of intense exercise (hunting, hauling deer carcasses up hills, running, etc.)

I am reminded of the true story of the real life Robinson Crusoe.

His name was Alexander Selkirk and he was marooned with a lot of gun powder and ammo.

After exhausting his supply he found that the natural diet and leisure of living on an island had made his body far healthier than life in Britain or on the ship.

So he took to running down the goats on the island. He would just chase them until they tired and collapsed.

Once he was retrieved by another ship, he took to drinking and eating a low nutrient diet again, and his vigor rapidly decreased.
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