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Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

Mark - Nice PR on the 5K. Your time killed mine today.

Terry - Great job on the WOD and the new avatar is cool (but I still like that that last one too!)

Today - worked with trainer at CLBBG and did 5K later

WU: stretching, dumbbell swings, back extensions, 5 min row

WOD with treadmill running continuously:
2 rounds of
400m run
10 assisted pullups
400m run
25 walking lunges
400 m run
25 SDLHPs - 55#
400 m run
1min plank
400 m run
15 push presses - 55#

WOD felt really good today for the first time since my old gym closed

Cooked a spinach omlete and ate a handful of almonds - changed into dry running clothes and changed to shoes with better tread

Ran 5K in snow and sleet. Almost 30 minutes to the second - slow but not bad for the conditions - felt great even after all of the running in the WOD. It left me physically drained but very satisfied.

Hubby and I went to see "Gran Torino" this afternoon - What an amazing movie! Wow. It left me emotionally drained but very satisfied.

You can't go wrong with that much satisfaction in one day.
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