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Re: Questions???

What is your height and weight? Fran is a very short workout, and if it takes you longer than 10 minutes to complete, it is recommended that you scale down the weight. Perhaps use 75# or 65# thrusters next time.

54 minutes for the PU/dip combination is pretty long. Don't use rings for the dips, use bars. If you have to, you can scale that one down by doing jumping pullups and kipping dips. And I hope you realize the Crossfit standard for pullups involves kipping, not strict deadhang pullups. There are many threads that discuss the reason for this.

CF workouts are supposed to be short so that the intensity remains very high. If it takes you too long, it means you have to rest too much, and thus your workout is not very intense. If you're a beginner it's okay to scale down the exercises so that you can increase their intensity. Good luck, and welcome to Crossfit.

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