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Re: gym floor install

Ahh the rubber flooring problem. We had to lay about 100 sheets in our place, they all weigh 100lbs/mat so glue really wasn't the issue. Here are a couple lessons learned:

1) Mats are all short of a 4X6 mat based on the factory saw cuts on all 4 sides, so you lose about 1/4" on each side

2) Used a piece of wood and mallet to beat every mat into place, basically to set it and get as much of the gaps out as possible

3) Used a drywall square and cut with a regular razor for a couple passes, then switched to a hawk nosed bladeto cut the piece off

4) When we set the o-lift platforms that is when we realized they were not the same width as the mats. So if you are staggering the mats, they will not fit together. There are a couple ways to skin that cat, either rip some width off the wood or cut the rubber matting at the edge of the platforms

5) We used gorilla glue to hold the o-lift platform edges flush with the matting. Holding strong still

6) It was nice in the summer, no gaps but now as it is getting colder our cutting errors are showing a little. That would be one reason to worry about glue, they almost need to be free floating

In short cutting rubber mats, sucks! For $22 bucks/sheet vs traditional matting, I guess it is worth it.

Hope that helps

Bill Henniger
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