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Re: GSP VS. Silva, GSP stand a chance?

Originally Posted by Vickie Ellickson View Post
I don't even know where to start, except to point out the obvious:

GSP is a big fat winner. He may not win the way that YOU want him to win, but he's still a winner. He is not an embarrassment to the sport. Guys who don't make weight, guys who run away from fights, guys who are poor sports...THEY are embarrassments to the sport.

EDIT: I would also add the Silva v. Maia debacle as a true embarrassment.

I'm going to assume that you are joking about Diaz having better boxing and BJJ than GSP.
And i am going to assume that you are unfamiliar with the sport of BJJ and with Diaz & GSP skills in such sport.

And you are absolutely right, GSP is exactly that, "...a big fat winner...", but in case you haven't noticed, UFC stands for Ultimate FIGHTING Championship, otherwise it would be called UWC, Ultimate Winner Championship, so when I pay for a PPV that's what I wanna watch, FIGHTING! So a champion that simply WON'T fight is indeed a embarassament to the sport of FIGHTING.

UFC Champions...

HW: Cain ---> fights!
LHW: Jones ---> fights!
MW: Silva ---> oh boy, does he fight!
WW: GSP ---> wins!
LHW: Edgar ---> fights!
FW: Aldo ---> oh boy, does he fight!
BW: Cruz ---> fights!

Does that make it clearer? Does GSP fight like the UFC champions? No way in heavens even the most ardent GSP fan would argue that... ...not in a logical way anyways.
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