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Re: GSP VS. Silva, GSP stand a chance?

No winner on that fight, at all!

If Silva beats GSP, he beat a welterweight.

If GSP beats Silva, and that is a BIG if, he would do so by very boring fashion, further cementing his status as a boring/annoying fighter to watch, and worse of all, he would use such an awful style to beat the GOAT, doing major damage to the sport.

GSP was once a great fighter, now he is an embarassement to the sport! I know some people would defend him against such claim, but think about it:

He took Hardy down literally within the very first few seconds of their fight, and then comes Condit and Lyte and trade freely with Hardy, coming out WAY on top! He wouldn't engage Shields, a guy with little-to-no-stand up, and actually took damage in their fight, which further prevented him from engaging! He wouldn't throw combos in the Koscheck fight, can you imagine the kind of damage he would do with punches other than a jab, considering the kind of damage he inflicted on Kos with just jabs?

GSP is a champion that simply won't fight! There is nothing wrong with fighting smart, it's how it should be done, but GSP dosen't fight smart or safe, he simply dosen't fight!

Now the question is, since he won't grapple with grapplers and won't exchange with strikers, how will he "fight" against Diaz, a guy with better BJJ and boxing than him? Probably by trying to press him against the cage for 25 minutes, like he did against BJ in the first round of their rematch...
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