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John Frazer
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I do what Joe does -- start with an amount I can bench 10 times with reasonable comfort & safety, and scale the other weights to it.

So for instance, I started out (I am weak) "weighing" 85#. So my "Linda" weights were deadlift 135, bench 85, clean 65. I did that one in December in 30:45.

That was fast enough (faster than many posting comments, because most were lifting heavier) so in March I did 145 DL, 95 bench, 70 clean, and finished in 27:54. (Totally wiped me out, I might add.)

In June I decided to "weigh" a little more so I bumped up to 160/105/80. That took me 40:21 -- so the weights had definitely reached a tipping point from largely cardiorespiratory, to a strength component where I really had to break up the sets (especially on cleans). Next time "Linda" comes up I'll stay at these weights.

Incidentally, I find that even though the bench press limits the weights I select (I can deadlift and clean out of proportion to my bench), the deadlift and clean are much more taxing while actually performing this WOD, probably because they are a much "bigger" movement.

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with "Linda" -- it's one of the most taxing WODs I've done. It may be especially taxing for me since I wait and do it on Friday nights -- the night when the gym is so empty that no one notices I'm using 3 of the 5 barbells!
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