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Ryan: the "ideal" Linda (also known as "Three Bars of Death") is to have 3 different bars, and set them up with different weights (all specified as fractions of your bodyweight: 1.5 for the DL, 1.0 for the bench press, and 0.75 for the clean).

You then use those weights for all the reps in all the rounds (10 reps on the first round (of each of the three exercises), 9 reps on the second round, etc.)

Obviously, if you don't have 3 bars, this can be a bit of a challenge, but if you change weights fast (especially if you have a buddy to help) you don't lose much time. I usually end up taking about as long between exercises as changing the weights would take, anyway.

As far as "start heavy and go light", if I were changing the weight, I'd have to go the other way . . . start light (with 10 reps) and go heavy (down to 3, 2, 1 rep). Usually, I wouldn't be able to do that, anyway . . . the 3-rep set of BP feels just about as bad as the 10-rep set by the end. Maybe I could do it on the DL.

The overall goal is, as Coach says, to "storm through for time" . . . try to get your time down. I'd just pick a weight for each exercise that I knew I could do for 10 reps, and leave it at that for the every set . . . believe me, fewer reps (at your 10-rep weight) will still feel plenty tough if you are moving as fast as possible.
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