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Fractured Rib

I have been doing martial arts for about 14 years so far. I took a long 4 year break from this whilst going to uni as I visited all the classes in the city but could not find a suitable trainer. During the later 2 years of my time at uni I discovered CrossFit and have been doing it ever since.

I recently decided to get back into martial arts and joined a professional club. After a week or so of training and heavy conditioning I managed to fracture one of my upper ribs on my left side. Its been almost two weeks and am struggling to cope without doing any form of work out. It is still a little painful to breath and lie down flat and the pain has reduced quite a lot however I am reluctant to try doing any heavy lifting until I am better. The doctor seems to think it should take 6 weeks.

I was wondering if anyone who has had any experience with fractured ribs could recommend any exercises or general advice? I read somewhere that drinking milk might help speed up the healing process too, does anyone know if this is fact or fiction?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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