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Re: The Snatch and neck pain

I thought of the disc because I actually have that problem from having 4 concussions in HS sports (the ortho's opinion anyway). Degenerating disc = the suck. If you don't have chronic neck pain, then you probably don't have one of these, or at least that's my understanding. I mostly get more neck pain from shrugs and deadlift, but not snatches or cleans. Working at a desk gets it going also if I'm not careful to keep my neck relatively straight. You very well might not have that--just tossing it out there so you can go research it if you wish and see if it seems to be you.

My guess is a form issue and/or over-doing it. Do you catch the weight at thigh level on the way down? If it hangs around much longer, might want to see a MD about it.

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