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Re: Fitday

There really isn't any use in calculating blocks from your fitday chart. Zone blocks are a simplfied way to get you close to your ideal (by Dr. Sears definition) calorie and nutrient breakdown without counting (fitday). When you calculate backwards like you did you don't take into account the "hidden" portions of the zone diet. i.e. protein blocks have fat and carbs in them, carb blocks have protein in them, fat blocks have carbs and protein in them. So by counting backwards you are over-estimating your block count.
If you already bothered to enter everything in fitday you can look exactly at your breakdown and see whether it is close to 40-30-30% (if that is your goal) and your total energy content (roughly 15xBW for maintenance. lower if you want to lose some fat, higher if you want to gain).
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