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I started tracking my diet using fitday. My totals yesterday were

Saturday was a two a day 1.5hrs Olympic lifting. 1 hr of Crossfit, that is why I have added Calories on this day.
Calories 3,041
Fat 184g/1.5 = 123 blocks?
Carbs 126g/9 = 14 blocks
Pro 226g/7 = 32 blocks?

Sunday- Rest day but Food totals represent a day I would Crossfit
Calories 2,551
Fat 156g/1.5 = 104 blocks
Carbs 123g/9 = 14 blocks
Pro 175g/7 = 25 blocks?

Are my block calculations correct?
My stats
lean mass- 165ish

My goals are to lean out a little continue to add more strength and lean mass.
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