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David Wood
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Hello Coach:

I don't know which forum to post this under, but "starting out" seems close enough.

A while back (on the old board), you indicated a willingness to have an occasional drop-in visitor from among the legions of web-linked.

Is this still possible? I live in NJ, and strive to keep up with the WOD (failing all too often). This week I'm at a conference in SJ, and would love to swing over the hill to visit Crossfit on Thursday morning, if possible. (I lived in SJ or other parts of the Bay Area for years, so I'm pretty sure I can find you).

But, I don't want to drop in unannounced, and I don't want to impose on your generosity (what we get off the Web and newsletter is already incredible). I'd love to just see the facility, and suffer through the WOD at the "mother ship", if possible.

Thanks for all you do (even if the answer here is "Sorry, can't accomodate visitors.") Crossfit is fantastic.

David Wood
Lebanon, NJ (most of the time)
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