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I think tyler is right on understanding of all of this is to create structural/biochemical/neurological changes which provide enormous general fitness (strength, power, stamina...all of the things listed in the Crossfit foundations). We then achieve phase 3 adaptations doing our desired sport (which MMA is a difficult thing to do because the stimulus/demands are so variable) and this effeciency can be of importance...but something to remember is that we just need to be able to recover between bouts. Fred Hatfield illustrates this beautifully with his training of Evander H. In the beginning Evander was completely gassed after one three minute anaerobic bout...several weeks later he recovered nearly to his resting heart rate in the allowed rest interval. I just do not see steady state training providing these results. You could do a fairly easy experiment and do say heavy bag training...say a four strike combo (jab, cross, r.round kick, lrndkick, do a set number of these in a given time interval and monitor heart rate. Tweak your training variables and see how things change.

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