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I'm not sure what Robb's take on this will be, but he is more qualified to answer than I am because he has actual grappling experience.
My answer would be that any cardio you do, including high-intensity interval training, will give you phase 1 and 2 adaptations. Both of these will benefit you in your MMA fights. However, doing a lot of biking or jogging will not enhance your phase 1 and 2 adaptation beyond a certain point. You reach a point of diminishing returns with these activities. If you want to continue progressing, you will need phase 3 adaptation, which you can only get by spending more time on the mat.
What I would recommend is instead of doing continuous aerobic work, is to divide your workout into intervals matching or slightly exceeding the intervals of your matches. For example, if you have 5 rounds of 3 minutes, break up your training into 6 intervals of 3 minutes. Sometimes do 10 intervals of 1.5 minutes, but up the intensity. Occasionally do 3 intervals of 6 minutes at a lower intensity. By bracketing your target value, you should be able to get in the proper shape for fighting without sacrificing too much of the explosiveness that you will lose as a result of slow, long-distance cardio work.
Definitely keep doing the WOD with the highest intensity you can. This in addition to mat time should put you in great shape for MMA. One more resource I would look into is Steve Maxwell. He is a great trainer and has tapes available through Dragon Door.
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