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Jeffrey ariola
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Hey guys thanks for the advice. I have read the articles and they make sense. My only further question is, " Shouldn't we also incorporate some longer durations of aerobics to this workout. I want to go the full length of the bout and still hit hard at the end. To prevent being fatigued and winded in the last round I would speculate (and I have been wrong before) that one would also need aerobic endurance. Help?" I do understand though that we have a limited amount of muscle fiber that can be used as either fast twitch, slow twitch, or intermediate. Is it all trial and error on the individual? Does the boxing, kumite, grappling, wrestling, and karate drills I do suplement the aerobics. Please excuse my ignorance, but I really wish to understand this idea. Right now in addition to the workout of the day I precede or follow up with anywhere from 15 min - 40 min of various aerobics. I assume you are against this thinking? This is not to mention the additional sport specific technique training and fighting practice I do. Thanks for helping me out guys.
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