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Robb, every time I see you it's something new! I had no idea that you did TCM as well. I will be interested to hear about your Paleo version.
What else have you been up to?! You should definitely write a book about your approach to health, I would be the first to buy it.
I enjoyed reading the time course adaptation article. I agree that phases 1 and 2 can be met with pretty much any type of intense anaerobic training with some aerobic training included. However, I think phase 3 can be developed not just by focusing on one thing all of the time, but by doing many things, as in the CrossFit approach. By training your body with a variety of different movements, I think you will learn new skills more quickly. Obviously a swimmer will have great skill at swimming, but take this swimmer and put him up against a CrossFit trainee with a similar fitness level and test their performance in a skill they have never done before. I think the person with a wider training variety would be able to pick up the new skill more quickly and perform better. I would much rather be a good well-rounded athlete than a great one-trick pony.
I only have anecdotal evidence to support this, but since I started taking Kali lessons, my ability to pick up new skills has improved. For some reason, the flow drills in Kali enhance your hand-eye coordination more than anything I have ever tried before.
Thus, I would agree with Robb that a singular phase 3 adaptation would be undesirable, but I think the CrossFit approach develops a unique, multi-faceted phase 3 adaptation that is very desirable. Let me know what you think.
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