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Hi Jeffrey-
Look over in the fitness section and look at the strength VS endurance thread and then read the "timecourse of training". That article is excellent and here is my understanding of it (and you will see where coach has said this) We want all of the first phase adaptations, some of the second and none of the third. One can have enormous endurance, strength and power by attaining the aforementioned adaptations. If one starts achieveing to many of the second and third phase adaptations power and strength plumet dramaticly...not what you want during a MMA situation! The body does have a limited ability to adapt and one could develop a greater aerobic capacity from doing non-crosfit training...but at a serious price. Following this "program" will give one the ability to be an average: sprinter, distance runner, gymnast, olympic wieght lifter...but an individual who is "average" in all of these areas could run circles around an elite athlete from any of these areas. From my own studies of chinese medicine ballance is stressed in all, sleep, sex, exercise. Ballance and moderation are great but one needs to be very careful what reference point is being used as a starting point. I have a paper pending publication in an acupuncture journal which adresses the fact that five element dietary thoery works much better if the grains and legumes are tossed out and a seasonal, local paleolithic diet is emphasized. Chinese medicine is incredible but it assumes agriculture to be "natural" when it really is not. Sorry...getting off topic. Read the timecourse article and we can get into the nitty-gritty of the adaptations if you'd like.
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