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Re: Shoulder Issue

Originally Posted by Sal Villani View Post
Thanks for your response. Over the past few months, I have narrowed down the cause or causes of my shoulder issues. To answer your questions.
1. No previous injury. I just felt muscle strain similar to tendonitis pain after a ring muscle up.
2. Yes. I have QL tightness and glute medius tightness on the left side. I had a hip replacement in 2007 which definitely caused some pelvic shifting and scar tissue in the glute area. I have been working beyond diligently to break up the scar tissue and keep loose.
3. Desk job, but I get up and walk around a few times per hour and stretch 2-3x per day (flexors, hams, etc.). Plus, I do some good mobility work at lunch a few times per week.
4. Posture is not great, but improving with increased mobility

Over the past 2 months, my shoulder was been healing to the point where I can do MUs without pain and go heavy-ish with presses. After each set, I do get some tightness forming in my traps and neck and immediately roll it out, and it has been working. I also have tightness in my lat and teres minor. I am constantly stretching and rolling.

I have also been rehabbing the smaller muscles in and around my shoulder and back as I've noticed they are weak. With all of its positives, I think that an area where CF is lacking (or at least CFers lack the education) is training other muscles that do not typically get trained during strength sessions. I believe there needs to be balance in order to avoid injury. It's a shame that sometimes injuries are the impetus to educating oneself on how to avoid injuries.


That’s great to hear about your shoulder improvement over the past few months. Glad to hear you’re back into doing those movements again. You took the words right out of my mouth regarding CF’s lack of attention to the “other muscles” that get neglected.

Are you talking about stabilization muscles?

The reason I asked about your day-job and posture is that, my theory is that it’s our sedentary lifestyles (in between WODs) that contributes to the neglect of these “other” stabilization muscles and leads to pain and injury. When our bodies are designed to be upright and in motion, but instead most of our time (outside the gym) is spent sitting and using limited range of motion, we neglect these muscles. And it only makes sense that this would have side effects, namely our posture collapsing and compensation occurring in the form of things like rounded shoulders, thoracic flexion, rotated hips, knocked knees, or flat feet. Pretty poor foundation for power snatches and a recipe for pain…

Is this in the ballpark of what you’re talking about? Have you found any solutions to address this? I know MobilityWOD and stuff like that are out there, but I’m talking about a more holistic method for restoring functional alignment to our bodies.

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