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Brand New and Need resources

So I am currently deployed to Afghanistan and would like to start doing Crossfit out here. I am in pretty good shape my normal human standards (see: Not your standards). So I got a subscription to CFJ and downloaded every single PDF thats in the archives. Here's where i run into a problem.

I would like to view all of the tutorials for different exercises, as I am unfamiliar with alot of them. Thruster.. well most of the OLY type lifts. I do primarily isolated movements. I would like to find some sort of resource that has good (as good as it can be) pictures and explanations of some of these lifts. The internet is waaaaaaaay too slow here to be able to download the videos from the site (this is what i wanted idealy.. alas the world is not perfect) And on the Gov computers all the videos are blocked.

So bottom line, I was hoping someone could point in the direction of a video free resource for CFit exercises. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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