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Re: 5 exercises for awesome Abs

Originally Posted by David Meverden View Post
Many CFers won't be a big fan of videos like this one, and I think I can summon up the reasons in a couple of points:

1) The core has parts in the front and parts in the back and both are critical to spinal stability, back health, and sport functionality. When people are encouraged to spent tons of time on the front, but little on the back, I have to question whether it is a routine based on what is works and what is good for back health, or whether it is more influenced by ripped abz being trendy. Now, I don't know what the video makers support for lower back training, but my guess is that it isn't a 15 minute circuit done several times a week to "really burn out" the back. I have seen a number of people who feel they need to do ab work 4-5 times a week while they isolate lower back musculature once, or not at all. I also talked to one person with back problems who did tons of ab exercises because they heard it helps prevent back problems yet they didn't do anything to actually strengthen the back. Videos like this, whether they intend to or not, often times promote these kinds of mindsets.

2) It is unclear to an observer (in this case me) on what criteria these particular exercises were selected. It appears that they were selected based on the amount of "burn" but there isn't really any evidence that that is synonymous with getting stronger. In fact, I would say there is evidence to the contrary, since this approach to training (relatively light resistance work focused on one muscle group for 10-20 minutes almost non-stop) isn't used by any strength focused athlete I've heard of (powerlifters, O-lifters, strongmen, etc). For instance, if you wanted a big bench press you probably aren't going to grab lightweight dumbbells and do a 15 minute non-stop circuit of bench, chest flies, incline bench, and decline bench. There would be an incredible burn and you'd be sore but it wouldn't be nearly as good for absolute strength as heavy sets. So, if we don't make our bench press muscles really strong that way why would our abs get really strong this way?
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